BorderPass Immigration Support

BorderPass is an immigration support service offered at no cost as part of the Queen’s Commitment Package. This service can help make your immigration process as smooth as possible—not just for your first year but throughout your stay in Canada.  

BorderPass provides: 

  • Support to ensure you have all the support you need. 
  • Access to Canadian immigration lawyers who can answer your questions. 
  • Guidance, building and review of visa applications by Canadian immigration lawyers. 
  • Notifying key dates to apply for visa extensions, work permits and residency visas.  

Use promo code QU100 to waive BorderPass legal fees if prompted. 

Why BorderPass

Working with BorderPass provides a complete, accurate and professional level of support that increases the potential for a successful study permit application. By registering through BorderPass at Queen’s, you have access to the following:  

  • Secure online platform for study permit application preparation, review and filing services (BorderPass submits your study permit application to IRCC on your behalf) 
  • Expert guidance and legal support with access to trusted Canadian immigration lawyers who will guide you through the entire application process, ensuring accuracy and compliance with immigration regulations 
  • Continuous monitoring of visa status, important dates and immigration documents 
  • Enjoy additional perks such as ongoing Express Entry score tracking and discounted rates on follow-up visa services. 


BorderPass FAQ's

offers incoming international students access to its premium Canadian immigration services. Whether to study, work, or build a new life, BorderPass is a digital tool that provides new international students access to trusted immigration lawyers and legal services via an AI-enabled platform. BorderPass aims to support our enrolment services further. 

You will receive study permit application preparation, review, and filing services through BorderPass by Canadian immigration lawyers, in addition to one year access to the BorderPass platform. BorderPass also provides students with stronger visibility into compliance and the entire immigration journey to help support long-term goals. BorderPass stores all your documents required for your immigration journey in Canada and keeps you on track with notifications of key dates! 

Use promo code QU100 to waive BorderPass legal fees if prompted. 

You will receive a free annual BorderPass Subscription for the first year of your program while enrolled in a full-time program at Queen’s, which includes a study permit application, premium services and access to Canadian immigration lawyers for one year, meaning you only have to pay for government processing and biometrics fees (if applicable). 

You can opt out of using BorderPass at any time. Please note that if you choose to stop using BorderPass you will lose full access to the Document Vault & Application Hub, notifications of key dates, your relationship with BorderPass Canadian immigration lawyers, ongoing Express Entry tracking , and other newcomer essential services. 

BorderPass provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you understand exactly where you're at in your immigration journey or specific permit application process. You will receive email notifications and be able to clearly see all your upcoming key dates through BorderPass' continuous visa monitoring & management and you will see all your immigration documentation in your Document Vault. More details on understanding your immigration journey and application processes can be found in BorderPass' . 




No. However, BorderPass will provide you with a more complete, accurate, and professional application reviewed and submitted by a Canadian lawyer. No one can guarantee that an application can be approved, as this is subject to IRCC's discretion. 


Apr 18, 2023 10:33 am