Admission Procedures and Exceptions

Ontario universities support the full disclosure of all marks achieved in all attempts at a secondary school course. At Queen鈥檚, all programs will use the most recent grade achieved in calculating the admission average.

Applicants with extenuating circumstances that directly impact their ability to begin their studies in the fall, and who have accepted their offer of admission by the deadline date may request a deferral of admission to that program for a period of one year. An online request, explaining the reason for the deferral request, is required. The decision of the Admission Committee to grant a deferral is based on the reason provided and final grades. Students granted a deferral are not permitted to attend another post-secondary institution in the interim.

We will begin accepting requests for Deferral of Admission at 12:00 AM EDT on June 4.

If you are applying from high school to a first year, first-entry full-time program for fall admission and there are any factors that clearly demonstrate significant extenuating circumstances, beyond your control, which have affected your academic performance over the past two years, please to complete the online form and attach supporting documentation by March 31st.

Your Queen's Student ID must appear on all correspondence.

Any information you submit will be used in your admission file only and will not be forwarded to any office within the university or further reviewed if you are admitted and subsequently register.

If you become a registered Queen's Student and you wish to receive health care, professional counselling, or academic accommodations for a disability, you should contact  as appropriate.

Queen鈥檚 does not make alternate offers of admission. Applicants will be considered only for the program(s) to which they have applied (or amended) via the  by the published deadlines.

Applicants who have been asked to submit a test of facility in English and believe that this is not applicable to them may send a letter of appeal.

  • Be sure to indicate the school(s) that you have attended, including the length of time.
  • To support your claim, arrange to have your school(s) send official documentation 鈥 such as a school profile or letter from the principal. The documentation must indicate that the medium of instruction at the school(s) is entirely in English. We also need the school principal鈥檚 name and contact information.

Once we receive this documentation, we will review it and inform you of our decision.

If we determine that you still are required to provide an English facility test, you will have to submit an acceptable result by March 31. 

Recipients of these scholarships will be selected automatically based on academic achievement alone. Your admission scholarship will be assessed on an ongoing basis. Your scholarship funds have the potential to increase each time Queen鈥檚 re-accesses your application. However, if your grades decrease your scholarship will be honoured as is, as long as you meet the minimum conditions of your acceptance offer. 

Competitive average for admission consideration varies between programs. Please see our  page to look up your desired programs' competitive average. Meeting the minimum or competitive average does not guarantee admission. The competitiveness of each particular program changes year after year.

Apr 18, 2023 10:33 am