Competitive Average for Admission Consideration

The table below corresponds to the minimum average (based on prerequisite courses) required for admission consideration for September of last year.

Please note: Applicants are admitted based on grades and supplementary information. Preference is given to applicants with the strongest overall qualifications. 

Program High School Percentage Grade 
Arts (QA) Low 80s
Concurrent Education Arts (QB) High 80s
Science (QS) Low 80s
Concurrent Education/Science (QF) Low 80s
Computing (QD) Mid 80s
Music (QM) Low 80s
Musical Theatre (QMT) Low 80s
Concurrent Education/ Music (QMM) Low 80s
Kinesiology (QK) Mid 80s
Concurrent Education/Kinesiology (QKF) Low 90s
Life Science and Biochemistry (QL) Low 90s
Smith School of Business, Commerce (QC) 87+
Smith Engineering, Engineering and Applied Science (QE) Mid 80s
Smith Engineering, Electrical & Computing Engineering Stream (QEC) High 80s
Smith Engineering, Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering (QEM) High 80s
Nursing (QN) Low 90s
Health Sciences (QH) Low 90s


Apr 18, 2023 10:33 am