First-Generation Student Admission Pathway

First-Generation Student Admission Pathway

The First-Generation Admission Pathway offers comprehensive supports for students pursuing post-secondary education. Through our programming, our team is available to assist you from the moment you consider applying to the summer before you start your first year!

First-generation supports: 

  • General application support 

  • Academic advising 

  • Education & career assistance 

  • Financial planning ( OSAP, scholarships & bursaries) 

  • Parental assurance 

  • First-year transition supports.     

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A first-generation student is a student among the first generation of their family (excluding siblings) to pursue post-secondary education.

A student could be eligible for this pathway if:

  • Their parents did not pursue post-secondary education.
  • Even if they have a sibling who has attended a post-secondary institution.

If they are affiliated with one of our community partners.

Admission will be offered to candidates whose total application shows strong evidence of academic preparedness and potential. Students will be introduced to the contacts and services available at the Student Experience Office and the Student Awards Office during the application process and upon admission. Queen鈥檚 University encourages students to access these services throughout their time at Queen鈥檚. Students who are admitted through this pathway will also be encouraged to use the academic advising and support services available to all students at Queen鈥檚 University.

Workshops and Resource Guides


  • See the upcoming events section if you鈥檙e interested in attending our post-secondary workshops. 
  • Email us at for a resource guide if you can't attend a workshop. These packages include a high-level overview of the information presented in each workshop to ensure you don鈥檛 miss a thing!

We partner with community-based agencies and high schools serving equity-deserving youth to extend our reach and ensure students have the support, knowledge and resources to pursue post-secondary education. 

Over 20+ workshop offerings:

  • Discover Queen's: Introduction to the First-Generation Admission Pathway
  • Navigating OUAC & Post-Secondary Applications 
  • OSAP & Financing your education 

Partnering Opportunities: 

  • Consider a partnership with us to assist your students in navigating higher education! Contact us at

Request a campus trip: 

  • If you are interested in bringing your group to Kingston, ON, to familiarize themselves with the undergraduate experience, contact us to organize a full-day campus trip that allows students to connect with our campus partners (student awards, student experience office, etc.). 

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Using the first-generation pathway was exceptionally helpful throughout the application process. I received invaluable help through Pathways to Education from mentors who could answer my questions about the application process, 成人大片, and Kingston. It gave me the confidence I needed to go into my first year with excitement and helped make my time at 成人大片 incredible so far.鈥

Wei Hu
Smith School of Business 鈥24

The First-Generation Admissions program was highly beneficial as it guided me through the application process and informed me about numerous bursary and scholarship applications. The program's one-on-one advising alleviated a lot of stress, and I better understood what university life entailed before arriving on campus.


Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone deserves to feel safe, heard, and advocated for on their university campus. At Queen鈥檚 University, we ensure that the policies, procedures, and initiatives existing here reflect your needs, embrace diversity, and empower all members of our community to thrive at Queen鈥檚. The administration continues to be held accountable for these items through ongoing evaluations that seek to follow up on the progress and success of EDII-related ventures. 

It is important to note that the list below is not exhaustive! For additional resources, please get in touch with 

Policies, Procedures, and Initiatives 

  • The Equity-Self Identification Form: The Equity Self-ID Form for applicants works towards identifying and eliminating barriers related to the recruitment and admission of Black, Indigenous and other racialized students to diversify the student population. 

  • Queen鈥檚 University Student Code of Conduct: The Code of Conduct describes what constitutes unacceptable behaviour in the Queen's community, specifically referring to instances of racism, discrimination, and harassment to protest equity-deserving students during their time at Queen鈥檚. 

  • Student Experiences Survey: The Student Experiences Survey gathers information from Queen鈥檚 students regarding campus culture and climate regarding diversity, inclusion, and sexual violence. The survey results are funnelled into actionable items the university takes toward creating an inclusive campus environment. 

  • The Learning Outcomes Framework: Queen's Learning Outcomes Framework confirms that anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion are intrinsic and vital parts of the vision and mission of the institution. 

  • The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL): The CTL supports faculty and staff in creating inclusive classroom environments. 

  • The Accessibility Framework: The Accessibility Framework addresses accessibility in various ways, seeking the continued incorporation of accessibility into university policies and initiatives. 

  • Inclusive Community Fund: The Inclusive Community Fund provides financial support to programs, events, initiatives, or projects that celebrate diversity and promote a more culturally informed campus community. 

  • The DEAP (Diversity and Equity Assessment and Planning) Tool: The Diversity and Equity Assessment and Planning (DEAP) Tool was developed by Queen鈥檚 Equity Office to assist units in better understanding their climate relating to equity, diversity, and inclusion 

  • The Positive Space Program: The Positive Space Program encourages the development of positive spaces within the Queen's community to ensure that all members are affirmed and supported.


  • Intercultural Awareness Certificate: The Queen鈥檚 University International Center and the Four Directions Center offer community members the to enhance their cross-cultural knowledge through this certificate. 

  • Faculty, Staff, and Students: Faculty, staff, and students at Queen鈥檚 are welcome to partake in a variety of training programs and activities to assist in understanding the value of equity, diversity, and inclusion and ways in which to create a safe campus culture. 

  • Inclusion and Anti-Racism Workshops 

  • Indigenous Cultural Safety Training 

  • Accessibility Training 

  • Mental Health Education 

  • Sexual Harassment Training Tools 

Campus Groups 

  • Principal鈥檚 Implementation Committee on Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion (PICRDI): Through consultation with students, faculty, staff, and alumni, PICRDI produced a report outlining recommendations and actions for addressing racism, diversity, and inclusion at Queen鈥檚. 

  • University Council on Anti-Racism and Equity (UCARE): Maintaining at least 51% representation from racialized groups, UCARE coordinates, monitors, and reports on the progress of university-wide initiatives to address racism and promote equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

  • Queen鈥檚 Coalition Against Racial and Ethnic Discrimination (QCRED): A group of students, staff, and faculty that works to eliminate racism and discrimination on campus 

  • Truth and Reconciliation Task Force (TRC): The TRC task force developed a set of proposals and recommendations to support our Indigenous students, staff, and faculty, thus, working to create meaningful institutional change. 

  • The Indigenous Council (ICQU): ICQU ensures that Indigenous peoples are regularly engaged in decisions that affect Indigenous programs and services at Queen鈥檚, often providing guidance, advice, and assessment on Indigenous initiatives at Queen鈥檚. 

  • Provost鈥檚 Action Group for Gender and Sexual Diversity: This group works to support actions that will improve the climate for participation in the life of the University for all individuals who are part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community or who are gender non-conforming


Community Partners

For a full list of our community partners or to learn more please contact our team

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