Agents and Partners

Many students opt for the assistance of a reliable and reputable agent to guide them through the entire university application process, starting from finding the most suitable options to applying, accepting offers, obtaining study permits, and even until arriving in Canada. A global network of agents can help us expand our reach across the globe and attract a diverse student population.

Queen鈥檚 University Undergraduate and Admissions has established formal relationships with the following agents: 

  • ApplyBoard Inc.
  • GlobEDwise Private Ltd.
  • Golden Source International Inc.
  • IDP Education
  • JJL International Education Exchange Promotion Ltd.
  • KC Overseas Education Ltd.

Note: Using an agent is not required to apply to Queen鈥檚 University undergraduate degree programs.

Becoming an Agent 

Each of our agents are carefully screened and reviewed by a committee and go through a rigorous evaluation process. If you are interested in a formal agent relationship with us, please contact

Agent Support

Our International Recruitment Team leads onboarding and regular training sessions to our agents to ensure the most accurate information is shared among students and families. We also collaborate on recruitment events such as fairs and workshops. Please reach out to your regional contact for information packages and event support.

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