Graduate Inclusivity Fellows

Cultivating a Culture of Inclusivity & Belonging

Purpose of GIFs

Our Graduate Inclusivity Fellows (GIFs) promote a culture of belonging at Queen's for graduate students. Working with the School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (SGSPA), GIFs serve as recruitment ambassadors welcoming the next generation of graduate students to Queen's. Specifically, GIFs will help support the diversification of graduate students with support for and priorities of diversity, equity, inclusivity and Indigeneity. GIFs will be instrumental in supporting the SGSPA's aim to enhance Queen's campus as a space of belonging and inclusivity for all.

Current Priority Areas for our GIFs

  • Support graduate recruitment and outreach focused on increasing graduate student diversity
  • Engage with prospective students to address their questions about equity, inclusivity and diversity at Queen's
  • Offer informational support to graduate students and their families by sharing knowledge about their own experience at Queen's

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Meet Our Current GIFs

Victoria Yu

Victoria Yu

MSc in Neuroscience

Victoria Yu is a first year MSc student in the Centre for Neuroscience Studies. Supervised by Dr. Amanda Bongers, she aims to leverage her background in education and psychology to examine the neural correlates of learning and bring evidence-based practices into the science classroom. In addition to her research, Victoria is an Ontario Certified Teacher and has been involved with equity work and advocacy both within and outside of Queen鈥檚. She is the co-founder and current co-chair of Dandelion Project Ontario鈥攁n organization that strives to educate high school students about post-secondary and career opportunities in STEM. She also played a key role in developing a toolkit for peer-based education on sexual violence with Students for Consent Culture Canada.


Kate Burke Pellizzari

Kate Burke Pellizzari

MA in Political Studies

Kate is a Master鈥檚 Candidate in the Department of Political Studies. Her research looks at how people with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities engage with the Canadian electoral process. They further examine how disability rights organizations have worked to facilitate legislative and social change for people with disabilities. In addition to her research, Kate is passionate about her involvement in the Queen鈥檚 community. As a recent graduate from a Political Studies and Psychology undergraduate degree at Queen鈥檚, Kate continues to be an active member of the Queen鈥檚 community through her work as Teaching Assistant, Campus Tour Guide, and member of the Political Studies Graduate Student Association.



Sumaiya Khanam Chowdhury

Sumaiya Khanam Chowdhury

PhD in Education

Sumaiya is a second-year PhD student at Queen鈥檚 University's Faculty of Education. Her work explores the intersection of classroom assessment and student well-being, aiming to uncover the reciprocal effects between assessment practices in the classroom and students鈥 autonomy, competence, relatedness, emotion, and engagement. Sumaiya's research spans various educational domains, including the side effects of assessment, inclusive education, intergenerational education programs, and educational leadership. In her current roles as a student leader within the Assessment and Evaluation Group (AEG) and president of the Queen鈥檚 Bangladeshi Students鈥 Association (QBSA), she is deeply engaged in fostering academic excellence and community involvement. She is a parent to two children and is passionate about exploring diverse cultures and locations globally.

Aileen Editha

Aileen Editha

Doctoral student in Law

Aileen is a PhD student at the Faculty of Law researching health law and medical ethics through critical race and feminist lenses. Born and raised in Surabaya, Indonesia, Aileen immigrated to Canada in 2021 after completing her undergraduate and Masters degrees in Durham, England. Throughout her time at Queen鈥檚, Aileen has worked as a Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, and Council Speaker for the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS). When she鈥檚 not working on her dissertation, she鈥檚 probably embroidering, reading, or watching Bob鈥檚 Burgers.

Marcus Young

Marcus B. Young

PhD Student in Cultural Studies

Young is a first-year PhD student in Cultural Studies whose research interests are rooted in visual culture and queer masculinity. For his master鈥檚 thesis, he studied the nature of fluid masculinity through the male nude bodies photographed by George Platt Lynes (1907-1955), American fashion photographer for Vogue and other high-culture magazines.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Suzanne van de Meerendonk, Bader Curator of European Art, and Dr. Jennifer Kennedy, Assistant Professor in Art History and Art Conservation, Young鈥檚 PhD research will inquire into how queer practices of spectatorship, as methods of critical engagement, reveal new and inclusive meanings for historical artworks.

Beyond the academy, Young enjoys spending time engaging in physical activity at the gym or outdoors, kayaking or horse riding. When he's not in Kingston appreciating the beautiful lake, you'll find him in nearby cities, such as Toronto, for quick getaways (a perk of being at Queen's - proximity to some of Canada's metropolitan centres!).

A photo of a tree on 成人大片 campus

Elyse Longair

PhD, Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies

Elyse Longair is an artist, curator, and image theorist from Lethbridge, Alberta. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies at Queen鈥檚 University. Longair鈥檚 research focuses on collage history, collage as research creation and institutional strategies of collecting and curating collage. Her Simple Image Theory in collage re-imagines the role of images away from the overt-complexity that dominates our world, opening up new possibilities for imagined futures.

Longair actively participates in the arts community serving as Chair, Chief Curator, for the Services to Artists Committee, College Arts Association, The Local Shorts Programmer for The Kingston Canadian Film Festival and as a member of The University Arts Association Sustainability Committee. At Queen鈥檚, Longair contributes as a Visitor Services Gallery Receptionist at The Agnes Etherington Art Centre and administers and a contributes to the graduate blog, Gradifying, offering invaluable insights into graduate life.

Bhavya Bogra

Bhavya Bogra

PhD, Geography and Planning

Bhavya is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in the Department of Geography and Planning. Her research focuses on understanding the local travel needs, particularly the unmet travel needs and challenges, experienced by immigrant older adult women living in mid-size Canadian cities. While her academic pursuits delve into the complex layers of Human Geography and Urban Planning, Bhavya's interests extend well beyond research. She is a community builder and has been involved with the Association of Indian Graduate Students at Queen鈥檚 (AIGSQ), facilitating smooth transitions for fellow international students from South Asian countries. She has also started working as the Neighbourhood Climate Action Champion for the City of Kingston, a role aimed at inspiring community-focused actions to support the city鈥檚 Climate Leadership Plan. Beyond academia, Bhavya finds self-expression and adventure in dancing, hiking, and biking. Her diverse activities reflect her zest for life and learning.


How Do I Apply to be a GIF?

GIFs are selected through an open call application process on a yearly basis (usually in October-November) facilitated through the School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs. GIFs serve up to a two-year term.

Up to six GIFs will be selected. GIFs can be Master's or Doctoral students. Selection of candidates will seek to reflect:

  • Diversity of equity deserving groups
  • Diversity of graduate student population (e.g. part time, international, mature students, students with dependents)
  • A range of programs and faculties

To express interest, applicants should:

  • Prepare a one-page statement detailing your background experience and knowledge relevant for this role and your aims in pursuing this role
  • Provide up to two statements of endorsement (maximum one page each). One statement should be from a peer and the other from a Queen's faculty or staff member. Statements should provide information on your capacity and skills to contribute to the role
  • Submit a current CV/Resume
  • Submit all materials as one PDF package, including statements of endorsement, to the SGSPA via email to Colette Steer ( by November each year. Questions can be directed to Colette Steer (

Applications will be reviewed by a panel inclusive of SGSPA members and one graduate student representative. The panel will have representation from equity deserving groups. Expected start for Graduate Inclusivity Fellows is January 1, of each year.