Indigenous Students


Application Considerations

Queen鈥檚 SGSPA welcomes and encourages applications from Indigenous candidates. The University supports its Indigenous students in numerous ways, including financial opportunities, an admission regulation, and counselling services, to name a few. Fostering inclusivity and reflection while acknowledging Queen鈥檚 participation in the colonial tradition is of great importance to the University as it takes steps to break down barriers and repair its relationship with Indigenous people. For more information on funding resources and the application process, please visit How to Apply.

Jay Treaty

Queen's promises to waive the international student tuition differential for students who are verified members of Indigenous nations in the United States of America. This commitment is part of the university鈥檚 recognition of the spirit of the Jay Treaty of 1794.

Resources & Supports

There are two main hubs on campus for Indigenous students. A person handing a beaded earring to another person.The Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre is a place to meet fellow Indigenous students in the community, offering cultural programming and organizations to join. Their website highlights the importance of self-identification, which is a voluntary and confidential process. The Office of Indigenous Initiatives (OII) advances reconciliation/conciliation, integrating Indigenous ways of knowing and being into life at Queen鈥檚. Led by Associate Vice-Principal (Indigenous Initiatives and Reconciliation) Kanonhsyonne (Janice Hill), the office coordinates academic initiatives and student assistance. Their website includes programs, funding opportunities and initiatives highlighting the important processes of decolonizing and indigenizing.

TRC at Queen鈥檚

A person handing a beaded earring to another person.The University is committed to fostering an inclusive and reflective campus environment, abiding by the recommendations put forth by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Task Force. Initiatives on campus continue to grow, ensuring the TRC is at the heart of the University鈥檚 present and future. Many faculty members focus on Indigenous histories, rights, perspectives, and cultures, making Queen鈥檚 an exciting community to join.


Financial Considerations

Queen鈥檚 supports its Indigenous graduate students through several funding A person handing a beaded earring to another person.initiatives, described in more detail on our Awards and Bursaries web page. Self-identification is a critical aspect of receiving financial support. Every band distributes their post-secondary funding differently and have their own deadlines, which you can learn more about by contacting the education person/representative at your band office.