The Graduate Studies Executive Council

The functions of the Graduate Studies Executive Council (GSEC) are:

  • Ensures that the Faculty Graduate Councils/Committees establish and follow appropriate procedures to carry out their responsibilities associated with graduate programs within the Faculty/School;
  • Reviews and revises departmental and faculty regulations pertaining to graduate studies in their areas, in matters related but not limited to: admissions standards for graduate studies, graduate degree requirements, progress through the graduate degrees, completion of degree requirements, appeals of graduate students;
  • As appropriate, refers new programs to Faculty Graduate Councils/Committees for consideration and discussion;
  • Reviews program proposals from Faculty Graduate Councils/Committees for recommendation to University Senate;
  • As needed, appoints sub-committees to deal with issues related to graduate studies;
  • Advises the Dean or Associate Deans on matters affecting graduate studies;
  • Considers matters referred to it by the Dean or Faculty Graduate Councils/Committees;
  • Considers matters referred to it by the Standing Committees of GSEC;
  • Considers matters referred to it by Senate and/or committees of Senate;
  • Reviews and approves decisions, as required, made at Faculty Graduate Councils/Committees;
  • Calls and organizes a Forum of all members of the SGSPA at least 2 times per academic session. The Dean of the SGSPA will serve as Moderator of this Forum.

Decisions made by GSEC are either recommended or provided as information to Senate and Senate subcommittees as required by SGSPA or University regulations, and to the Faculty Graduate Councils/Committees.

The Dean of SGSPA (or delegate) shall serve as Chair of GSEC.

Membership on GSEC

The Graduate Studies Executive Council (GSEC) comprises the following:

  • Vice-Provost and Dean, SGSPA (Chair)
  • Associate Deans, SGSPA
  • Senior Officer, SGSPA
  • Associate Deans of Graduate Studies of the Faculties/School
  • Chairs of the Faculty Graduate Councils
  • Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) President or delegate
  • A graduate student Senator