The Lake Shift 2024 - Day 1

Participants of the Lake Shift 2024

G鈥檇ay, it is now 10:03pm and we have everyone checked in, they have all had dinner, our welcome session went okay and they have gotten to check out the grounds of QUBS. Yes, our 2024 Lake Shifters are here and ready to write, rejuvenate and remember that chit chat with mates with a lot of laughter thrown in is actually good for you!

The day started off a bit scary when I started to get texts early in the morning saying "I missed my train, but wait it is okay I can get on the next one and still be there on time to catch the shuttle?". Then (as to be expected) some of the buses and trains were delayed. Those driving from Toronto got caught in all sorts of crazy traffic on the way, but everyone made it in time for dinner.

Thank you to our wonderful Queen鈥檚 students who helped me out today 鈥 Neeraj and Bhavya who helped me set up and welcome everyone. Neeraj has found a new vocation of driving the golf cart around. Shaza and Peter who helped out at the train and bus stations to ensure no one got left behind.

Thank you to QUBS staff member Ashley, who saved the day for two of our campers who could have been sleeping outside the first night (not really but it sounds dramatic doesn鈥檛 it). Good news though, our doctoral students are fast learners and soon realized not to be on the outside of your cabin if you have locked the door and want to get back in but you have no key!

So what have we seen at camp so far?

  • Summer researchers checking out their work in the bush. You know who they are as they are the ones wearing clothes head to foot. They have figured out the mozzies here are nasty!
  • A few snake sightings and one snake skin (left over from the snake reseachers, thank you). Glad I didn鈥檛 see any of them.
  • One very cute ground hog
  • Little brown frogs everywhere.
  • A porcupine in a tree! I didn鈥檛 realise they climbed, but there it was. Very cute, but not happy with us.
  • Fish, of course, as we are by a lake.
  • Loons, we didn鈥檛 see them, but we sure heard them.
  • And tonight lots of fireflies.

So now most have gone to bed or at least to their own cabin. It鈥檚 been a long day so I am sure they want to get some much needed sleep.