Strategic Focus

The departments of Risk and Safety Services work to ensure effective risk management at Queen鈥檚 University. Our strategic focus includes the following:

  • Risk management creates and protects value 鈥 it contributes to the demonstrable achievement of objectives and improvement in performance across all areas of the institution.
  • Risk management is an integral part of the responsibilities of management and all organizational processes including strategic planning and all project and change management processes.
  • Risk management is a key part of the decision making process at Queen鈥檚 and helps decision makers make informed choices, prioritize actions and distinguish among alternative courses of action.
  • Risk management explicitly addresses uncertainty, the nature of that uncertainty, and how it can be mitigated.
  • Risk management is systematic, structured and timely which contributes to efficiency and to consistent, comparable and reliable results.
  • Risk management is based on the best available information.
  • Risk management considers Queen鈥檚 external and internal context.
  • Risk management takes human and cultural factors into account.  It recognizes the capabilities, perceptions and intentions of external and internal stakeholders that can facilitate or hinder achievement of the organization鈥檚 objectives.
  • Risk management is transparent and inclusive.  Appropriate and timely involvement of stakeholders (and in particular decision makers at all levels of the organization) ensures that risk management remains relevant and up-to-date.
  • Risk management facilitates continual improvement of the organization.