Insurance Claims at Queen’s

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The reality of an operational university is that claims will occur from time to time. For this reason, the insurance office within Risk and Safety Services will oversee covered incidents in order to put claimants back to the same position they were prior to the loss. Below are a number of claims experienced by the university in recent years.


Damage to Gym Floor

Damaged wooden gym floor

Occurrence and Cause: Water Damage to a 100 square foot area of gym floor due to a leaking floor scrubber in the adjacent custodial closet.

Response: Removal of affected gym floor and application of appropriate drying equipment to negate further damage.

Recovery: Specialized gym floor contractor brough in to replace flooring including required repainting of lines and varnish.

Resilience: Institution of regular maintenance and checking of all floor scrubbers across university campus.

Final Cost: $12,204.00

Server Room Fire

Damage to server room

Occurrence and Cause: Fire and smoke damage to equipment, contents and building when an unsecured portable fan fell to the floor and caught fire in a room being used to store servers without proper cooling infrastructure.

Response: Third party remediation contractor completed appropriate cleaning including air scrubbing of affected and adjacent areas. Damaged equipment taking off site for assessment and ultimately replaced due to irreversible damage. Serve racks were only item to be cleaned and saved.

Recovery: Area cleaned and returned to pre loss condition.

Resilience: Room occupancy changed to non-server storage operation. Server rooms require proper permanent cooling solutions which must be planned and built accordingly. Damaged equipment replaced.

Final Cost: $550,000

Damage to University Vehicle

Damaged Queen's vehicle

Occurrence and Cause: Damage to university owned vehicle when vehicle struck concrete flowerpot outside Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts

Response: Assessment of damaged vehicle and property and schedule of repairs.

Recovery: Completion of repairs on vehicle.

Resilience: Review of driving path of vehicle to determine if 1) Driver needed to be considered for specific driver training 2) Regular patrol route should be altered or 3) Do concrete flowerpots need to be moved.

Final Cost: $3,008.63