Insurance & Risk Management

The daily operations of a university are both complex and diverse and represent a variety of risks. The Insurance and Risk Management Office within Risk and Safety Services strives to identify, analyze and treat risk to a level that fits within university tolerances. We use a variety of risk management techniques such as transfer, retention, avoidance or some calculated hybrid combination.

Insurance is utilized as a risk transfer method through the university鈥檚 property and casualty insurance program and provides financial stability in the uncertainty of potential insured losses. Coupled with loss prevention and reduction techniques, we employ a framework that supports university operations and its broader community partners. 

One important goal of the Insurance and Risk Management Office is to raise awareness amongst the entire university community as to risks on and off campus property related to university operations. We endeavor to communicate that everyone is a 鈥渞isk manager鈥 to some degree and should be responsible to maintain control of the University鈥檚 assets and liabilities to promote a safe environment for all.

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