Coverage Summary

Queen's has a comprehensive insurance program to protect all members of the University community, all sanctioned activities of the University, and all University property. A key component of the University鈥檚 risk financing is its insurance portfolio which is used to protect the University鈥檚 physical assets, limit its exposure to liability claims, and guarantee revenue in the event of a disruption to the operation. The Insurance and Risk Management team is responsible for purchasing insurance coverage and managing claims for the University.

The University insures the risk of employee injury through its purchase of coverage from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. This program is administered through Environmental Health & Safety.

Employee benefit insurance

Undergraduate benefit insurance

Graduate benefit insurance

The following table is a summary of the basic insurance coverages purchased by the university and a brief description of the protection they provide. Please note that the actual policy wordings take precedence over the information provided below.

Coverage Description

Broad Form coverage to all property owned or controlled by Queen鈥檚 University (including shipments within North American) against all risks of physical loss or damage exceeding the deductible.

成人大片 has a self-insurance program for losses below the deductible (actual replacement cost only, for goods of similar make or comparable performance). Property claims are subject to a minimum $2,500 deductible borne by the Department experiencing the loss.  The existence of proactive risk mitigation procedures in place will be investigated and considered during the claims settling process.

If you experience a property incident please report details to Campus Security's Emergency Report Centre immediately at (613) 533-6111 and then to the Office of Risk and Safety Services at (613) 533-2005 or There are some items that are not insured, some examples include:

  • personal property of individuals or that belong to third parties;
  • biological materials, including animals;
  • the cost of reproducing an experiment or the cost of gathering or assembling information or data for such experiment; and,
  • unprotected remote sensing equipment, satellites and other similar unprotected equipment while being deployed, in use or in operation, or being retrieved or recovered anywhere including on land, underground, under the sea, at sea, in the atmosphere or in space. 
General Liability

All costs to Queen鈥檚 University which it is legally obligated to pay as damages which may arise out of bodily injury or property damage to third parties. Coverage includes all premises and operations including blanket contractual liability, professional and malpractice liability, cross liability, tenant's legal liability, and employer's liability. The limit per occurrence is inclusive for bodily injury and property damage.


Coverage does not include fines and/or penalties imposed by government legislation.

Errors & Omissions All costs to Queen鈥檚 University which it is legal obligated to pay as damages because of wrongful acts and errors and omissions in the rendering or failure to render professional services.

Third party liability, collision and comprehensive coverage on licensed vehicles owned or leased by Queen鈥檚 University.


Please refer to the Automobile section for more details.

Rental Vehicles Third party liability, collision and comprehensive benefits on all vehicles rented in Canada and the U.S. Third party liability on all vehicles rented in most other countries, with some exceptions. For more information, including collision damage waiver coverage under Department and Individual Travel Credit Card, refer to the Queen's Rental Vehicle Coverage document (PDF, 170 KB).
Fine Arts Physical loss or property damage to the university鈥檚 fine arts and rare books collections.
Crime Theft of monies and securities by employees or others.
Boiler & Machinery Losses related to sudden and accidental breakdown of boilers and related equipment.
Property in Transit

Multi-peril transportation insurance policy that covers all university property in transit (either by railroad, public truckers, or transportation companies including the insured's own vehicle) from the time the insured property leaves the factory, store, or warehouse (the initial point of shipment) until it is delivered to its destination.

*In order for coverage to be in place, all shipments must be reported to the Insurance and Risk Management Office or Ruth Lappan ( in Strategic Procurement Services.

Please refer to the Property in Transit page for more details.

Course of Construction & Wrap-up Liability Damage or loss during the course of construction of new buildings or large renovations on campus.