Student Information


All Applications for Graduation are made through the SOLUS Student Centre

Please note that completion of an application to graduate does not guarantee the awarding of a degree.

Please consult our Fall 2024 Convocation Schedule page for details related to the ceremonies


On this page you will find instructions on how to successfully complete the Application to Graduate (A2G) process, prepare for your ceremony, and receive your diploma

  • It is important to follow each step listed in order on this page
  • Make sure to apply by your application deadline
  • Completion of an Application to Graduate does not guarantee the awarding of a degree/diploma/certificate
  • All applications are subject to academic review by the appropriate faculty or school, and approval by the Senate Committee on Academic Development and Procedures (SCADP)

Check out the Fall 2024 Convocation page for information about our upcoming in-person convocation celebrations.


Contact Us

  • Questions related to an individual applicant's academic qualifications, prerequisites, and application to graduate should be directed to their faculty office
  • Questions or concerns related to your diploma and/or convocation ceremony can be emailed to


Application to Graduate Steps

Step 1: Application Windows by Faculty/School

You must formally apply to graduate through the SOLUS Student Centre (see step 3). You will be prompted for your NetID and Password to login.

  • Application time periods will vary from faculty to faculty (see below)
  • Please identify and remember the Application Dates that apply to you!

Graduation information for faculty

Open July 15, 2024

  • Arts and Science
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Finance
  • Master of Financial Innovation & Technology
  • Master of Management Analytics
  • Medicine
  • Graduate Diploma in Business

July 15 to July 15, 2024

  • Education

July 15 to August 15, 2024

  • Graduate Diploma in Accounting

July 15 to September 15, 2024

  • Stephen J.R. Smith Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science
  • Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence

July 15 to September 30, 2024

  • Master of Digital Product Management
  • Master of International Business
  • Master of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Nursing (undergraduate programs)

July 15 to October 1, 2024

  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences

July 15 to October 15, 2024

  • Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Law (JD, CIL and GDICL programs)


Step 2: Complete Course Requirements

To successfully apply for graduation, you will need to have met all of the academic requirements for your program/plan as set by your faculty or school.

  • If you require assistance in meeting these requirements, you will need to speak to an academic advisor in your faculty/school office.  A list of advisors and contacts can be found under Academic Advice
  • Once you are confident that you have, or will, satisfy the requirements for the degree you wish to receive, you can begin the Application to Graduate (A2G) process as outlined in the next step

Faculty of Arts and Science

If you are a student in the Faculty of Arts and Science, please contact the office for your specific department.

Faculty of Education

Stephen J.R. Smith School of Engineering and Applied Science

School of Graduate Studies

Faculty of Health Sciences

Bachelor of Health Sciences

School of Medicine

School of Nursing

Faculty of Law

Certificate in Law

Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law

Juris Doctor

Smith School of Business

Bachelor of Commerce

Certificate in Business

Queen's MBA

Master of Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship, MBA for Business Graduates

Master of Finance 鈥 Remnin

MBA for Business Graduates, MBA (Executive), MBA (Americas), Master of International Business, Master of Digital Product Management, Graduate Diploma in Accounting, Graduate Diploma in Business

Master of Management Analytics, Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence, Master of Financial Innovation & Technology, Master of Finance

Step 3: Applying via the SOLUS Student Centre

All Applications for Graduation are made through the SOLUS Student Centre.

Completion of an application to graduate does not guarantee the awarding of a degree.



  1. Log into your SOLUS Student Centre 
  2. Select the Graduation tile
  3. Select the Academic Program
  4. Select an Expected Graduation Term from the drop-down
    • Please select 'Summer 2024' if you are a Fall 2024 prospective graduate
  5. Select the Continue button
  6. Select your convocation attendance option:
    • Attending Ceremony
    • Mail Diploma
    • Pickup Diploma
  7. Review Alumni Address Information and select Update if necessary
  8. Select the Continue button
  9. Select Submit Application
  10. Select SOLUS Student Centre to return to the main page

All applications for graduation are pending upon submission. Completion of this application to graduate does not guarantee the awarding of a degree/diploma/certificate.

To monitor the status of your application, please follow Step 4, contained in the next section of this page.

Step 4: Confirming Application Details and Status

  1. Log into SOLUS Student Centre  
  2. Select the Graduation tile 
  3. Select the Maintain Convocation Details navigation 
  4. Under Ceremony heading, note ceremony date, time, and location of ceremony 
  5. Use the drop-down menu beside details to indicate attendance status 
  6. Using the type boxes, indicate amount of Convocation Tickets required 
  7. IMPORTANT: Click to Save your entry before exiting this screen
  8. Select SOLUS Student Centre to return to the main page    

Please note that the deadline to change attendance status and the number of tickets desired in 'Maintain Convocation Details' is October 20

Those wishing to edit their RSVP (attendance and/or tickets) after October 20 can email for assistance


If you or any of your guests require special accommodations during the ceremonies, please complete and submit a


Often students will have two versions of their name listed in SOLUS 鈥 a 'Primary' name, and a 'Preferred' name.

  • All prospective graduates are asked to review the presentation of their primary name in SOLUS for accuracy
  • The primary name is considered the full legal name, and is used for the purposes of diploma printing and for placement in future printed convocation program booklets
  • To make a change to your primary name, you must submit a Name Change Form (PDF, 3.2 MB), as well as supporting documentation. The form, along with a list of acceptable documentation, can be found on the forms page

Deadline for Name Change

The deadlines for name changes for convocation are as follows:

  • Spring Convocation: April 30
  • Fall Convocation: October 15

If you change your name after the specified deadline for your convocation, there will be a charge to replace your diploma.

Your new name will be used on your academic transcript, as well as your diploma and the convocation program. You should know that, if it is not your formal legal name, future employers, licensing bodies, or other educational institutions may require proof that the transcripts and diploma are your legitimate academic records.

Prospective graduands are strongly encouraged to review their application, and monitor the status of their request.

From the main page of SOLUS Student Centre, select the Graduation tile then the Maintain Convocation Details navigation to see the status of your application. This status applies specifically to your request to graduate, and not to your attendance at a future ceremony. Questions may be directed to your faculty/school.

Throughout the application and review period, this status will change. The following are a list of possible status options:

  • Applied: This will appear immediately upon entering your application. For most faculties and schools, this status will remain until April 30 when all Application Windows close
  • In Review: This is generally used by the Faculty of Arts and Science in reviewing applications, and appears while faculty staff are assessing an applicant's eligibility to graduate
  • Approved: This status appears when your faculty or school has determined that you meet the qualifications for your degree or diploma, and will be recommended for graduation
  • Awarded: This final status appears after the University Senate has voted to officially confer your degree
  • Denied: This status will appear if your faculty or school has determined that you have not met the requirements of your degree. Applicants who receive this status are advised to contact their faculty/school
    • Contacts for each faculty/school can be found in the Academic Advice section of this webpage

Each faculty and school determines the eligibility of their individual applicants. Questions or concerns about your status should be directed to their office.

Not on the Final Degree List?

Should you find that your name has not been added to the final degree list, it is imperative that you contact your respective faculty/School Office immediately. Academic advisors can provide assistance with regard to the status of your request, as well as provide further direction.

If you owe the university $50 or more, you can still graduate, but you will not be able to receive your diploma.

You should contact the University Registrar when your account has been resolved. At that time, a diploma can be produced, and arrangements can be made to send it to you.

Preparing for Your Graduation Ceremony

We want you to make the most of this memorable day. Ensure that your graduation is the most enjoyable experience possible.


  • Bring Photo ID, but leave other personal items at home or with a family member

Please note that the deadline to change attendance status and the number of tickets desired in 'Maintain Convocation Details' is October 20


  • Doors open 90 minutes before ceremony time
  • There is no assigned seating
  • Graduate procession is scheduled to start 25 minutes before ceremony start time
  • Ceremonies are expected to be approximately 2 hours

Guest Seating

Due to capacity and seating limits, graduates who have RSVP'd are limited to 3 guests. There will be a viewing room in Kingston Hall (building behind Grant Hall) for those unable to secure seating.  All ceremonies are live streamed.

Please note that physical tickets will not be issued. Guests will provide the name of their graduating student to ushering staff upon arrival

Due to capacity and seating limits, graduates who have indicated attending and enter number of guests invited in Maintain Convocation Details in SOLUS by the deadline of October 20 are limited to 3 guests.

Special Accommodations for Graduates and/or Guests

If a graduate or a guest attending Convocation has an accessibility need, seating can be reserved by 

The Alma Mater Society through their Studio Q unit is responsible for graduation-related photographic services at Queen's. They are offering booking through Prestige by Lifetouch.

  • To book an appointment with Prestige by Lifetouch, please feel free to visit or send a message to 

Gaspard and Sons (in conjunction with the Alma Mater Society) is the service provider for graduation regalia (hoods and gowns) at Queen's.

For those interested in renting hoods and gowns, please visit the Gaspard/AMS 'Build A Grad' online ordering portal (A link will be posted here when available) . Same day rentals will be available for those who did not pre-book regalia.


Optional traditional attire for Indigenous graduates

Indigenous graduates and faculty may choose to wear traditional Indigenous attire (First Nations, Metis, or Inuit), in lieu of a gown and hood, at convocation ceremonies.

Queen鈥檚 University acknowledges the diversity of Indigenous peoples, communities, and nations. As such it is recognized that traditional Indigenous attire may vary.

For those wishing to purchase flowers at Convocation, The Commencement Group offers both pre-order and same day purchases on site. For more information, please visit their site at: 

Frame it!!

Diploma frame sales

All your hard work and dedication has paid off!  Be ready to showcase your diploma with pride in an official Queen鈥檚 frame.

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Indigenous graduates and faculty may choose to wear traditional Indigenous attire (First Nations, Metis, or Inuit), in lieu of a gown and hood, at future convocation ceremonies.

Indigenous graduates will also be offered a gift of a blanket or ceremonial feather fan.

All graduates who choose to wear traditional regalia, or wish to receive a gift, must confirm arrangements with the Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre via an online submission form at least two weeks prior to the future event they are scheduled to attend. This is to inform the event organizers. A link to the submission form will be posted here when available.

Queen鈥檚 University acknowledges the diversity of Indigenous peoples, communities, and nations. As such it is recognized that traditional Indigenous attire may vary.

Defining Traditional Regalia

Traditional regalia refers to the traditional and often sacred clothing, accessories, and artifacts worn or carried during various ceremonies, such as powwows, celebrations, and pan-national gatherings. The design, type, and meaning of regalia varies greatly depending on the individual who wears it, the culture from which it originates and the event where it is worn. 

For more information, please visit the Office of Indigenous Initiatives information page.

Receiving a Degree and a Certificate?

** Please note that the below instructions are specific to those graduates receiving 2 degrees during the same graduation period (e.g. BCOM and BA or BSCH and BA). If you are receiving a degree and a certificate, your participation at Convocation is automatically scheduled for the ceremony that your degree is being awarded. Staff will ensure both your degree and your certificate are available at the conclusion of the degree ceremony**

If you are planning to receive two degrees which are scheduled at different future convocation ceremonies (i.e. BA and BASC) and would like to receive both at the same future ceremony, please write to and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Student number
  • Degrees to be awarded and when
  • Your email address

Provided that we receive your request three weeks before the future event, and your name is on the final degree lists, the following will take place:

  1. Both degrees will be placed in the same tube and both will be announced at the future event
  2. Special arrangement information will be sent to AMS Staff in Hoods and Gowns. When you rent your hood and gown online, you must let them know that you are renting 2 hoods because you are a dual degree student, and that special arrangements have been made for you to receive both degrees at the future event
  3. Please note that there will be no notation of this special arrangement in the program. You may want to bring this to the attention of your guests (i.e. you are getting both a BA and a BASC at a future event; you have requested to receive both at your BASC event...notation of your BA will not be in the BASC program)

Write to or drop off your letter at Gordon Hall, Room 125. You may also mail your request to:

Office of the University Registrar,
Gordon Hall, Room 125,
74 Union Street,
Kingston, ON, K7L 3N6.

Diploma Mailing

If you are on the final degree list and you are not able to attend convocation, your diploma will be shipped to your primary address as listed in SOLUS three to four weeks after your degree/diploma/certificate has formally been awarded.  

Please ensure your address is up-to-date (including your phone number as this is a mailing requirement). If the address is incorrect, the diploma will be returned to Queen鈥檚.

Pickup and returned diplomas will be kept on file for one year. If you do not make arrangements to obtain this official document it will be destroyed and a replacement charge will apply.

Important Notice: As per the Senate Policy on Student Debtors; if you have an outstanding debt to the university your diploma will NOT be printed. Once you clear your debt, you may contact the Office of the University Registrar to request to have it printed. 

For those graduates who have lost or damaged diplomas, the Office of the University Registrar offers a Diploma Replacement service.

University Policy forbids the issuance of multiple copies of a diploma. Each diploma is considered a one-of-a-kind legal document.

Queen's understands that graduates may be asked to provide a copy of their diploma for various purposes (including visa and work permit requirements).

For these situations, graduates may request one of the following:

  • A Degree Verification Letter, issued by the Office of the University Registrar, which outlines details of a degree obtained by a graduate; or,
  • A Certified Copy of a Diploma, which consists of a photocopy of the existing diploma, certified to be true, stamped, and countersigned by the Registrar's Office
    • To obtain a Certified Copy, the original diploma must be sent to the Office of the University Registrar for processing. Staff will not certify photocopies created and sent by graduates

The cost of a replacement diploma is $40 (including shipping). Those wishing to order a replacement diploma can do so by accessing the diploma replacement form (PDF, 189 KB) and sending to:

Office of the University Registrar (Records and Services)
Queen鈥檚 University
Gordon Hall, 74 Union St.
Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N6

成人大片 has partnered with AURADATA, a Canadian company specializing in secure online degree verification. This partnership will streamline the process companies or academic institutions use to verify academic credentials.

AURADATA provides online risk prevention of r茅sum茅 fraud and misrepresentation of post-secondary education credentials. Subscribers to AURADATA are able to confirm the post-secondary education claims of prospective employees efficiently online, 24/7.

Employers can now minimize the hiring risk associated with education fraud in the hiring process while universities, colleges and professional associations now have a method of protecting their product. Additionally, graduates are also protected from illicit use of their designations by less scrupulous job hunters.

Confidentiality is a primary concern of 成人大片 and AURADATA. A signed authorization from the graduate is required by AURADATA before any information is released.

For fast, economical and convenient degree verifications for 成人大片, please contact AURADATA by:

  • Calling 416-406-0444 (local and international), or 877-580-2872 (AURA) for North America

To verify postgraduate medical residencies, please contact the Office of Postgraduate Medicine Education at or 613-533-2543.