Welcome to the Department of Geography and Planning!

Geography and Planning is an interdisciplinary department where teaching and research explore the relationships between human beings and the world around them. We provide meaningful, experiential learning opportunities for students to address real-world challenges, including climate change, environmental change, and planning for healthy communities. The Department of Geography and Planning offers undergraduate (BA, BSc) and graduate (MSc, MA, PhD) degree programs in Geography, and a top-ranking professional Master of Planning (MPL) graduate program through our School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP).

In Geography and Planning, you鈥檒l have the chance to:

  • Collaborate with distinguished faculty to explore your academic interests.
  • Tackle real-world problems through coursework, class trips, and field research opportunities.
  • Work in our renowned Geographic Information Science lab, where you can use real-time geospatial data to address issues in planning, geography, archaeology, government, and more!
  • Participate in experiential learning opportunities where you鈥檒l engage with local organizations to see how your studies benefit communities, to prepare you for diverse career opportunities.

Geography and Planning are all about relationships with place, as it applies to society and earth systems. There鈥檚 a place for you in Geography and Planning!

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