Ph.D. in Art History

The Queen鈥檚 Ph.D. in Art History is a top-tier program that gives serious students the opportunity to do advanced research with the support of an internationally recognized faculty supervisor. We welcome candidates in many areas of study, and we encourage you to reach out to a potential faculty supervisor to discuss your proposed topic as early as possible. At Queen鈥檚, you will join an exciting, supportive and dynamic intellectual environment where your original ideas will be encouraged and refined as you advance through the program and complete your thesis. Students may take advantage of guest lectures, professional development and networking opportunities offered through the University and the department, and the expertise of other faculty members inside and outside the department as needed for their project. Queen鈥檚 offers attractive funding packages covering the duration of this four-year degree, as well as opportunities to expand language skills, teaching opportunities, and targeted grants to facilitate research travel abroad. Please visit the or see the links below for detailed information about the program and the application process.

Application deadline: January 10 of each year. Notification of admission is by mid-March.