Are you a Religious Studies student who wants to take your study of religion to a new level? Want an opportunity to explore a particular issue or concept in depth? An MA in Religious Studies at 成人大片 will give you that chance.

An M.A. in Religious Studies can lead to a variety of opportunities such as:

  • Admission to Doctoral work
  • Public policy research and analysis
  • International development work
  • A career in education
  • Journalism
  • Work in any setting which values an understanding of multiculturalism and diversity

We offer a theoretically challenging twelve-month M.A. program, with generous financial assistance.

Our program focuses on the relationship between religion and culture (ancient or contemporary) and, furthermore, places an emphasis on contemporary theories and methods in the study of religion. Our courses equip students with the tools to analyze and question such issues as politics, culture, race, gender, sexuality, and science, in the construction of religion. Students choose from a variety of courses through which they broaden and deepen the knowledge obtained during their undergraduate study.

Developing excellent research and writing skills is one of our most important outcomes. These skills are further honed as students have the opportunity to write a research essay that focuses on a particular religious tradition or phenomenon.

Our graduate students will have the opportunity to work as research or teaching assistants for Queen's professors. Because we do not have a PhD program in Religious Studies at Queen's, we are able to devote all our resources and attention to MA students and can give them research and teaching opportunities that other institutions cannot match.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting program, please contact Dr. Sharday C. Mosurinjohn, Graduate Chair. General information about Graduate Studies at 成人大片 can be found on the .