Niki Boytchuk-Hale, 39th Rector of 成人大片

Niki Boytchuk-Hale, was elected the 39th Rector of Queen鈥檚 University during the election for Rector held February 6-7, 2024 and took office May 1, 2024.

For more information about Niki, visit the 成人大片 the Rector page.

"Princeps Servusque Es" (Be a leader and a servant) is the motto of the Office of the Rector, and truly embodies what the Rector strives to do for Queen's students.

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Media and Communication Manager for the Office of the Rector. 

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Rector's Digest

A column, from me, to you.

RECTOR鈥橲 DIGEST can be read monthly online or in a campus paper stand near you!

Tricolour Society

Agnes Benidickson Tricolour Awards recognize students for their service, leadership, and character during their time at Queen鈥檚.

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Rector's Bursary

This fund was established by former Rectors of the University through fundraising efforts and is awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need to students in any year in any faculty or school. 

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