Inclusion in the Classroom

Academic Accommodations

(QSAS) works with students with disabilities to develop comprehensive accommodation plans that help ensure full access to education. Accommodation planning is a collaborative effort between the student, faculty member, and the QSAS advisor to find the most effective, efficient, and equitable solutions.

The Start-UP Transition Support Service for students with disabilities provides first year students who are registered with QSAS the opportunity to receive individualized support on any aspect of their transition to university.

Extenuating Circumstances

We recognize that students may have extenuating circumstances that temporarily affect their ability to fulfill their academic obligations. The Academic Considerations for Students in Extenuating Circumstances Policy ensures academic considerations are provided to students who experience challenging personal circumstances including, but not limited to, bereavement, serious injury, or family crisis.

Critical Race Enquiry

[Journal of Critical Race Enquiry poster with words about race covering faces]

The (JCRI) serves to advance Canadian and international scholarship on race and racialization. The mandate of the JCRI is to explore how 'race' as a category is constituted, circulated, and embedded in various areas and to consider the interlocking nature of oppression. The journal is accessible through the open journal platform supported by Queen鈥檚 Library.

Centre for Teaching and Learning

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The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides support to Queen鈥檚 faculty and staff in creating inclusive classroom environments. The CTL鈥檚 staff provide regular workshops and one-on-one guidance on creating curricula that reflects diverse viewpoints and engaging students in open and respectful conversations on topics related to culture, identity, religion, gender, and race.


Learning Outcomes Framework

Queen's Learning Outcomes Framework confirms that anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion are intrinsic and vital parts of the vision and mission of the institution.