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The H&A team manages close to 5,000 student beds in 18 residence buildings, as well as off-campus rental apartment and housing properties, three dining halls, numerous retail foodservice locations on campus, the Donald Gordon Hotel and Conference Centre, and Event Services. Residence buildings also provide temporary accommodations for the summer conference, events and tourism markets. Revenue and services from these units support vital student life programs and contribute to the University鈥檚 learning environment.

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Queen鈥檚 University Residences provides a wide range of living environments in 18 buildings across campus, offering students a mix of room types in single, double, triple and quad rooms.

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Hospitality Services

Hospitality Services is an essential ingredient to the 成人大片 experience providing food services to several retail locations, three dining halls, and through campus catering services.

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Community Housing

Community Housing manages student rental properties owned by Queen鈥檚 University which includes two apartment complexes located at west campus 鈥 An Clachan and John Orr Tower 鈥 as well as a variety of apartments and houses in the University District.

Off-Campus Living Advisor

The Off-Campus Living Advisor provides confidential guidance on evaluating off-campus housing, tenant rights and responsibilities, and resources for moving in/out. 

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Event Services

Queen鈥檚 Event Services is your on-campus event logistics partner offering a full spectrum of professional event management services. Let us guide you through the planning process and ensure your event is a success.

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Donald Gordon Hotel and Conference Centre

The Donald Gordon Hotel and Conference Centre combines the amenities of a full service conference and event centre with the elegance and charm of Kingston鈥檚 historic limestone architecture.

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Our work in Housing and Ancillary Services is directly tied to many UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Housing and Ancillary Services鈥 Sustainability Goals, contributing to the university鈥檚 social impact and making a tangible difference in the lives of others.