Partnering for a prosperous economy

Queen鈥檚 is a major employer, contributor, and catalyst for the economy of the Kingston region.

The university鈥檚 activities generate expenditures that ripple through the local, provincial, and national economy and lead to significant economic impacts.

Economic contributions





CanadaTo Canada

We contributed $1.93 billion in GDP and 17,487 jobs to Canada.





OntarioTo Ontario

We contributed $1.88 billion in GDP and 16,790 FTE jobs to Ontario.





KingstonTo Kingston

We contributed $1.67 billion in GDP and 14,946 jobs to Kingston.


1 in 10 jobs in Kingston are found at Queen鈥檚 University.

11% of local GDP

Queen鈥檚 economic activity makes up 11% of the local GDP from Belleville to Brockville.

Contribution to Kingston's GDP

Queen鈥檚 students from outside Kingston contribute $237 million to Kingston鈥檚 GDP.

Supporting businesses and entrepreneurs

Queen鈥檚 works with community partners to advance the goals of Kingston鈥檚 Integrated Economic Strategy, including innovation, economic growth, and the retention of young people in the community.

Queen鈥檚 is an active economic development partner for Kingston and eastern Ontario, working with businesses and innovation ecosystem partners to support the growth of new and established entrepreneurs.


The university has attracted nearly $620 million in research and development to Kingston since 2013, including $144 million in 2018/19.

Top 10Top 10 Canadian startup ecosystem

Queen鈥檚 research activities contribute to Kingston鈥檚 ranking as a top-10 Canadian startup ecosystem by Startup Blink.

Kingston Companies600 Kingston companies supported

The university has supported more than 700 startup companies and entrepreneurs, including 600 in Kingston.

Women entrepreneurs1000 women entrepreneurs

Queen鈥檚 received $3.2 million in federal funding to deliver Women Entrepreneurs Can (WE-CAN), supporting 1,000 women entrepreneurs in the Kingston region.


Creating local jobs and supporting innovation through our business partnerships and on campus start-up accelerators.


WE-CAN (Women Entrepreneurs Can)

Queen鈥檚 Partnerships and Innovation Office partnered with Women Entrepreneurship Strategy (WES) Ecosystem Fund to deliver the WE-CAN program which inspires and empowers existing and aspiring women entrepreneurs by providing them with tools, resources, expert mentors, networks, and community building to expand existing businesses and to launch new ventures.

Learn more about WE-CAN

Queen's Innovation Centre

Queen鈥檚 Innovation Centre鈥檚 Summer Initiative (QICSI)

A flagship program of Queen鈥檚 Innovation Centre, QICSI is a 16-week, fixed cohort incubator program where founders receive no-cost training, mentorship, and office space to launch a venture. QICSI offers the opportunity to work on a venture full-time while receiving ongoing support from DDQIC advisors, mentors, and staff.

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Mayor's Innovation Challenge

Mayor鈥檚 Innovation Challenge

Queen鈥檚 joins St. Lawrence College and the Royal Military College of Canada in partnering with the local government to put on a competitive initiative in which students are invited to submit proposals to tackle real world problems in Kingston, such as climate change, food security, and improving accessibility.

Smith Business Consulting

Smith Business Consulting

In partnership with the City of Kingston Economic Development Corporation and Chamber of Commerce, Smith students partner with local businesses and provide free consulting to solve challenges in areas such as strategy, sales, marketing, data analysis, and operational planning.


Dunin-Deshpande Queen鈥檚 Innovation Centre (DDQIC)

DDQIC is a proudly pan-university centre that champions inter-disciplinary teams, running eight programs and initiatives that help aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs develop their entrepreneurial mindset and launch ventures at Queen鈥檚, in the Kingston region, and globally.

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