IT Services: Year in Review 2023

Message from the CIO

Marie-Claude Arguin, Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice Principal (Information Technology Services)

"It has been my priority since becoming CIO to value and invest in our team as whole human beings."

I am thrilled to share with you IT Services鈥 first Year in Review, which takes a look back at our major accomplishments in 2023. While it鈥檚 important to stay focused on the path forward, it is equally important to take measure of the ground that鈥檚 been covered and to celebrate the wins, be they large or small.

The theme of this year鈥檚 report is People First. You often hear the phrase 鈥渙ur people are our 成人大片 asset,鈥 but under the daily grind it can be all too easy to take our dedicated team for granted. One of the silver linings of the pandemic is that all organisations were forced to reexamine the employer-employee relationship, and here in IT Services, it has been my priority since becoming CIO to value and invest in our team as whole human beings, understanding that promoting wellbeing both inside and outside of the workplace only amplifies what is brought to the employment relationship.

Our report is therefore structured in three sections with a People First focus 鈥 the ways in which we have invested in the IT Services team (Valuing our People); our focus on collaboration and partnerships within and outside of the Queen鈥檚 community (Enabling our Constituents); and the foundational and transformation technologies that enable Queen鈥檚 mission and goals (Growing our Capabilities).

Nothing described here would have been possible without the dedication of the IT Services team, the support of the University leadership, and the commitment and trust of the Queen鈥檚 community. I extend my sincere thanks to all, and hope you will see yourselves reflected in these pages.