Strategic Plan

Human Resources is proud to present our 2022-2025 Strategic Plan: Empowering our People. This plan represents our commitment to the Queen鈥檚 community - our people - who are at the center of everything we do. Our people drive us forward - they push boundaries, question processes, and strive for excellence. Our people are the future.

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Our Vision

Empowering our people - Human Resources and the Queen's community - to achieve their best

Our Mission

To partner with Faculties and Departments by delivering people-focused human resource services that are strategic, trusted, and effective. 

Our Values

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Indigenization, and Accessibility are fundamental values that must be incorporated in everything we do.

People Focus

Centering everything we do around people


Supporting each other and thriving together


Uncompromising in our commitment to honesty, trust, and respect


Creating better outcomes through partnership and teamwork

Service Excellence

Striving to create a consistent and exceptional experience

Our Strategic Priorities

Human Resources is committed to prioritizing the following areas that are critically important to our people.

Nurture a culture where employee well-being is a priority in Human Resources and across the Queen鈥檚 community

  • Align Human Resources to support and focus on employee well-being, starting with the creation of a new Employee Wellness Services unit.
  • Be a wellness leader for the university by actively developing and engaging in initiatives that contribute to a healthy and accessible workplace.
  • Develop a strategy for workplace wellness and a model for measuring wellness.
  • Partner with managers and senior leaders to ensure a consistent wellness lens is applied for themselves and their teams through tools, resources, and training.

Foster operational excellence through continuous improvement and innovation

  • Identify and implement process and technology changes to improve and address challenges in our systems.
  • Focus on data integrity and quality to provide greater insight and timely analysis, leading to better data-driven decision making.
  • Offer more self-service options to empower managers and employees to access resources, tools, and services.
  • Reduce bottlenecks and improve workflow, processes, and practices to support managers and employees with the information, advice, tools, training, and resources they need.
  • Regularly review existing programs, processes, and practices to ensure continuous improvement, innovation, and alignment to fulfil the broader Queen鈥檚 strategy.

Empower leaders to achieve their professional, strategic, and operational goals

  • Partner with managers and senior leaders to develop people plans that ensure they have the right talent at the right time to meet their strategic and operational goals.
  • Coach managers to become transformative leaders in the Queen鈥檚 community by delivering organizational learning and development opportunities such as mentoring and career planning programs.
  • Provide strategic advice to managers and senior leaders on our most important resource - our people - while emphasizing the importance of community and belonging at Queen鈥檚.

Re-envision our talent management practices with a people-first approach

  • Actively engage employees at all stages of their time at Queen鈥檚 starting with onboarding and continuing through retirement.
  • Review and improve the hiring process to create a consistently exceptional and inclusive experience for all candidates.
  • Advance recruitment practices and take proactive measures to further build and develop a diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • Develop a clear, concise, and consistent service approach to help employees connect with Queen鈥檚 and the community.
  • Embrace and adapt to changing workforce expectations to attract and retain the best people.

Cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace environment

  • Champion and promote a workplace where everyone possesses a strong sense of belonging and is empowered to thrive.
  • Foster a culture of kindness and compassion that supports a more inclusive workplace environment.
  • Advance equitable employment practices and strive for a more diverse community across the university.
  • Ensure policies, programs, procedures, and resources support and promote equity, diversity, inclusion, and indigenization principles.

Human Resources would like to thank all members of the Queen's community who contributed to the plan. Special thanks to our Advisory Committee who helped shape ideas into key priorities.